We do all “events” but we like to call them parties.

From pool parties to intimate branding launches, we do them all and make sure that your client walks away loving their experience, but also loving you. Whether it's a product party or your annual corporate Christmas party, let’s make it night with personal attention to the details that make you, you.




Let’s design and create an event that works for you and your guests. From the venue, music, food and drinks, don’t let this fall into the basic “entertainment” category. Let’s be honest, professional doesn’t have to boring.

Remember your childhood tea parties? The themed high school dance? We like to think the adult version of these can be a lot of fun, let us prove it with a little spice in your party.  



Every party needs a focal point, from a custom backdrop, a statement lounge set with dramatic lighting to this years company branding swag bag. It all has the potential to be wrapped into a fully functioning party design element. Through creative intent and custom fabrications, we will transform your event into the party it should be.

We take your brand culture, your aesthetics, and your goals to create an install that will be remembered and the talked about the following Monday. From corporate lounge parties of 300 to private tea “pinky up” birthdays of 12, we can design your company’s logo as an awe-stopping backdrop or hand make the personal details for every attendee.



From getting a customized drink upon arrival, the special finger foods, the air install over the dance floor or the water dunk tank at the corporate pool party, we’ve got you covered. Because what is design worth if there is no experience?

We have experience in “experiences”, knowing how bright the lights should be to make guests feel comfortable on the dance floor, the personalized trinkets to take with them to remember, whether the experience is big or small, we can tackle it. We aren't afraid of suit and ties, or black leather and stilettos, we can help represent you and your guests experience through all the possible design elements. Do you want a booty poppin and jaw droppin party? Us too, let’s do this thing.

Do you want a booty poppin' and jaw droppin' party?
Us too, let’s do this thing.