We love the opportunity to team with female business owners and push their brand/biz any way we can. So, when we had the opportunity to team up with the Freck team for their Urban Outfitters campaign creating an artist addition we were an all with a big HELL YES!

Founded by Remi Brixton, Freck is a cosmetic and skincare line born in Los Angeles 2014. After years of research, brainstorming & product iteration, Freck finally came to life in 2017 with the original (and to this day, only) realistic faux freckle cosmetic. Freck is founded by women and made for everyone, especially you.

We designed this brand campaign using a retro palette consistent of taupes, neutrals, blue jeans and a gradient of mauves. Textured objects such as houseplants, acrylic paints, gold foil, and makeup added to this palette as well.

We created two different installs. The first , and my personal favorite, was a flat backdrop designed by layering a variety of antique life magazines from the LSD addition. The images from this magazine are WILD. It was a beautiful contrast to see how women were portrayed then vs. now. Yes queens - yes! The second was a floating install designed using hand painted cassette tapes. Through both of these art forms, we intended to create an artistic and empowering atmosphere within the space. These woman are fierce, beautiful and these women are just. like. you.