We understand that production budgets vary on every project, so whether we’re stepping in as a Line Producer, Project Manager, Coordinator or sometimes a “multiple hat position” - we know and understand how the set/industry works. From pre-production schedule builds with the Assistant Director and Director of Photography to production and travel days with ever changing call sheets. We’ve moved, fed and put people and gear in the right place at the right time for years, you’ve got the script and team, let’s make the pieces start to move.

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Director, Producer, Photographer? From script to screen we understand the fundamentals of set designing, wether that’s a product shot for a photographer or an entire bedroom for a dramatic scene in a narrative film.  We’ve been on sets helping with art department, set design and set dressing for all sorts of fun projects, let’s build a product, a character, or an entire world for a movie to take place.

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